Security Services

We can provide analysis of existing or planned physical and electronic security measures for your business, including site security, employee hardware access provisions, virus, spyware, malware, data backup and loss prevention, catastrophic loss avoidance and disaster recovery planning. Our security experts have implemented security provisions at Fortune 100 companies as well as lectured at international data security conferences.

Physical and Electronic Security Services

We provide a full range of security and protective service offerings, both electronic, and physical; grouped into packages that specifically target your phase of business.

Security Startup

Helping you develop the security processes, standards, tools, and employee training that prevents future security incidents and allows your company to grow without security “growing pains.”

Emphasis is placed on security processes and emplacements that are intrinsic to your business. Customized so that full protection does not get in the way of successful business.

Security Enhancement

Evaluation of your existing security posture and analysis of vulnerabilities. Emphasis is placed on enhancement of existing security policies, practices and standards. Delivery of industry “best practices” modified to the specific needs of the business.

Security Evolution

Continuing evaluation and evolution of mature security practices to ensure that security is a business enhancement, rather than a hindrance. Emphasis is placed on optimization of practices, and proactive changes to meet evolving security threats.

Proactive and Responsive Services

Let us also help you cope with the more difficult security aspects of organizational management today.

Disaster Reaction & Recovery Planning

Proactive planning to protect business critical data and resources from disasters of any scale. Many companies forget how important their data is to them in such events until after it has already been lost. Invoices, outstanding sales orders, employment data, financial accounting and tax information, customer and supplier contact information and order history, etc. are all examples of the critical data typically stored on computers that can be very costly to lose without adequate plans in place.

Recent events such as the New Orleans hurricane Katrina disaster, or more conventional problems such as fire, tornado, or flood activity demonstrate that many companies fail to plan for such eventualities until it is too late.

High Tech Crime Investigation / Forensics

Highly experienced and focused help in the event of security related incidents. Our experts have a proven background working with local, state and federal law enforcement on criminal investigations of both internal and external threats to business interests.