Website Design Services

The Internet has become a vital resource for all types of businesses, from large international companies to small businesses operating in a region or community. Most companies, especially those just starting a business or without in-house computer expertise utilize outsourced website design services to provide them with a professional website design.

Website design services can provide many advanced capabilities such as database integration, customer support and information forums, E-commerce shopping cart design, secure access pages dedicated to particular clients, database integration and multi-media website design services. With a competent, professional web appearance being so critical to a customer's perception of your company and portrayal of your corporate image and goals, it is imperative to work with a qualified website design service that can deliver a professional website design with the features you need. This is where PlexFX can help...

About Our Website Design Services is a provider of professional web design, including ergonomic, easy-to-read layouts, including the important, but often neglected, area of accessibility. This is critical in order to make electronic information technology accessible to people with disabilities. Inaccessible technology interferes with an individual's ability to obtain and use information quickly and easily. To facilitate this, web designs should provide features that make access for vision-impaired or those using electronic screen-readers as easy to use as possible. For example, if all of your information is conveyed in flashy graphics animation, anyone visiting your site with vision difficulties may have a negative impression of you or your business as a result. Slightly different issues are important for those accessing your web content through portable media devices such as Pocket PC PDAs, Linux handheld devices, telephones, Blackberry handhelds or other small-display systems.

We specialize in providing business consumers, non-profit organizations and charities, and even individuals that want a professional appearance for their website. Far too many web design companies today charge corporate -- also known as "irrational" -- prices for web design, even for a small business with only a few employees and modest needs. We understand how to rapidly develop a professional web presence without running up massive charges in the process. By using state of the art rapid design and development tools, we are able to provide equivalent or better services than higher-cost providers at more reasonable rates and on shorter development schedules.

Regardless of the size of your company or the type of website design you require, PlexFX can help you achieve your goals at very competitive rates, on time, and with 100% total satisfaction.

Search Engine Optimization

There's a big difference between placing custom meta tags on a web site and building the correct content and optimizing a site for the major search engines and making a site rank for competitive keywords. When done right you can make a site appear in the top hit listing of the major search engines for the most competitive of keywords. However, what most companies will not tell you today is that major search engines, such as Google do not endorse many of the techniques employed, and in fact caution consumers against paying for some of these so-called "services". PlexFX follows the guidelines of the major search engine providers and does everything possible to optimize page-rank and the ability of your potential customers to locate you on the web without employing questionable practices or those that violate the terms of service of the major search engines.

Custom Web Design & Development

By choosing WebFX to develop your custom website design, you get more than our programming and design work. You also get our years of experience and expertise, in developing a custom web design unique to your business needs.