Business Startup Services

If you are starting a new business and are looking for Information Technology assistance, but do not wish to hire your own IT support staff yet (or ever), we can help you with all of the issues involved.

Do you need help obtaining a unique domain name? example URL
We can help you search for names, register your domain through a trusted registrar service, and manage technical aspects of your domain registration such as Domain Name Server address configuration.

Also, if you need help in locating a suitable Internet Service Provider (ISP) for your location we can help select and configure your router and firewall systems to work properly and securely. We can also make recommendations and help you with the decision to host your own web server, have it hosted elsewhere, and determine if a shared or dedicated web hosting solution is appropriate for your needs.

Do you need help setting up and/or hosting your email?

If you have little or no experience in setting up new email accounts or configuring your computer system email clients to work properly with those accounts, we can save you valuable time and effort. We are familiar with all application-based and web-based email services, including Outloook, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora, Netscape Mail, Pine, Elm and many more.

Do you need help selecting and installing systems, networking and peripherals such as printers or wireless access points?

Choice of the proper computer systems, network devices, printers and fax machines, etc. can be critical to both the cost of your startup efforts and the long-term success of your business. Many people pay too much for equipment they do not even need, or overpay for systems that are built for pennies then resold to you at extremely high markup rates. We have the experience and knowledge required to help you make intelligent purchasing decisions. We will help you select devices that will work well together before you spend your money. If desired, we can even help procure and install the equipment for you, with dedicated, professional experts temporarily on-site at your place of business.

Do you need help selecting operating systems, business applications and other software tools?

Most people today are using Microsoft Windows XP for their desktop, workstation and laptop computing needs, and Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2003 Server for their file, email and print server settings. We can explain to you the differences in the various licensing choices from Microsoft for those operating systems so that you can make an informed decision. We can also prescribe the appropriate Virus, Spyware and Adware scanning, prevention and removal tools that are absolutely required to use Windows operating systems safely in a networked environment.

Alternately, we can assist you in your decision to use the Apple Mac OS X operating system and Macintosh computer systems for what can be a more reliable and less virus and email-sensitive solution if they fit your computing needs. For example, many graphic designers, advertising and marketing professionals, video production and editing engineers, musicians and others find the available applications and capabilities of an Apple-based deployment more suitable to their needs.

Would you like to explore the use of alternative open source operating systems for security, pricing, or other reasons?

You may have heard of open source alternatives such as Linux or FreeBSD and wish to explore the option of a much lower-cost solution than either Windows or Mac OS X based choices. This can be done in phases also, such as deployment of server systems first (email, file servers, print servers, etc.) while still using Windows or Mac-based systems for your staff. Linux can be used on the desktop and portable systems also, with full interoperability with common Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. commonly found on both Windows and Mac OS X systems. It can be more difficult to set up and install initially, but there are substantial benefits in the areas of configuration flexibility, performance on lower-cost hardware, and security, especially when compared to Microsoft Windows. Depending upon what specific computing needs you have, thousands or tens of thousands of dollars can be saved if you have access to the necessary expertise to deploy one of these alternatives correctly.

Update Your Business to the 21st Century

If you have an existing business that has been operating well, but without a more modern infrastructure, such as a website, company domain name, company specific email, wired or wireless networking for your employees and/or customers, or other technology upgrades, let us help you with either consultation or a complete design and installation plan. Your employees will have pride in working for a modern company, and your customers will be impressed with your professionalism.

Any of the items listed above under Business Startup Services can be selected individually or a more custom solution can be designed specifically for you to meet your specialized needs.